Our Philosophy

Astor is the school of successful people. Our mission is the multifaceted development and recognition of the potential and talents of each student, delivered by an individual approach.

Our modern educational programme is designed to unviel your child’s passions, inclinations and to improve their talents and skills. We are committed to supporting our students to become the best versions of themselves. We facilitate the comprehensive development of our students by encouraging and motivating them to learn and achieve goals. We believe that this is how a strong, successful and confident personality is formed.

Astor School is not just an educational establishment. It is an extraordinary place, which your child will attend with great pleasure and interest. It is a place of effective development in a comfortable and safe environment.


Each individual, their personal space, freedom and opinion is treated with respect. We educate children to respect each other and give care to the wellbeing of our students.


One of the main principles of a highly effective person is taking responsibility for decisions and actions, and their consequences. We educate children to be responsible and reach their goals with confidence, regardless of external factor.


To become a successful person, it is important to expect success and believe in yourself. We help children to find confidence in themselves and build a strong belief in “I can”.

Teamwork and tolerance

“It is difficult to achieve success working on your own. Behind every success story there is a dream team. We teach children about the importance of teamwork, understanding other people and respecting their views and opinions.”