About the School

Astor School

Astor School is a private school that uses the Ukrainian educational program aimed at raising successful and happy people. From the 1st grade, children are already introduced to business literacy and leadership, they create their own projects and learn several languages of their choice. And upon graduation, this synergy of knowledge and skills contributes to successful admission to management and business programs at the most prestigious Ukrainian and foreign universities. And it also helps to find yourself and become a sought-after specialist in your field.
So, here’s to success with Astor School!

Licenses, team and partners

Astor School has all the necessary licenses for educational activities in the field of comprehensive general secondary education at the level of preschool and primary, basic secondary and specialized secondary education.
And our teachers, educators and other employees of the school are exclusively certified specialists with many years of work experience and passion and thirst for their favorite job. For whom, as well as for our partners, the most important thing is an individual approach to each child.


Astor Schools are located in picturesque corners of cities and towns of Ukraine, which allows you to combine high-quality education in modern classrooms with leisure time in the fresh air.
We have also made sure that schools in Ukraine and abroad have convenient transport connections, to save your time and to not exhaust the children.


Astor School is a specially designed facility with compliance with all construction and sanitary standards, which ensures a comfortable and safe stay of children at school.
We have modern classrooms, large gymnasiums, spacious dining halls, as well as specially equipped first aid stations, comfortable shelters, and other necessary facilities.
In addition, Astor School has its own kitchen, which guarantees fresh food and allows you to make an individual menu for your child.

About food

Astor School has its own kitchen and provides students with 5 meals a day. We have complied with all the recommendations for the rational nutrition of preschool and school-age children and created a healthy, balanced menu.

Our dishes are always fresh because they are prepared daily by professional chefs in the school’s kitchen.

If your child needs a dietary, vegetarian or special menu, we will provide it!

About leisure activities

The development of a child as a personality and the acquisition of leadership skills is one of the main tasks of Astor School. That is why our specialists have prepared a number of clubs and electives for the comprehensive development of children outside of school hours, where they can realize their abilities, feel their own importance and make a loud statement about themselves.

We are interesting, fun and useful!