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Astor School distance learning recruitment is now open!

Affordable education in every corner of Ukraine and the world!

Astor School organizes a distance learning process for students of grades 1-11. The start of the academic year is on September 1. Our highly qualified teachers do their best to ensure that children master the learning materials in full, without unnecessary stress and time costs. Increasingly, distance learning is chosen as an effective and convenient way to obtain the necessary knowledge. With such training, the ability to self-organize and discipline increases.

Distance learning from Astor School has many advantages:

  • lessons are held at a time convenient for the student and at a comfortable pace;
  • not a fixed lesson time, the possibility to make a daily schedule for the student;
  • modern technologies that contribute to better assimilation of the material;
  • learning atmosphere, nothing distracts during the lesson;
  • students receive the materials of each lesson and, if necessary, can review it again;
  • lack of homework;
  • licensed educational institution, documents of the state standard.
  • an electronic office for parents with open access to grades.

All you need to learn is:

  • Internet connection
  • Laptop/computer or tablet

Cost of education:

  • in online school 4000 UAH/month. The training period is 9 months.
  • A 35% discount applies to Astor School students.

At the end of the semester/year, the child receives a report card. At the end of the school – certificates of the state standard.

How the enrollment procedure works:

  • signing the contract
  • providing the necessary documentation (student’s birth certificate, personal file, enrollment application)
  • creation of an electronic office, where further information of parents and communication with teachers and administrators takes place.


  • Education takes place according to the program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, full-time education.
  • Astor School has a license to implement educational activities in the field of full general education at the level of preschool and primary, basic secondary and specialized secondary education. At the moment, the number of students in physical schools of Astor School is 2500 students.
  • There are no homework assignments, but there are assignments that are recommended for completion and contribute to more effective assimilation of educational material.
  • The academic year lasts 9 months, payment is made according to the contract, there are no other additional costs. You pay the fixed price specified in the contract for the educational process.
  • Enrollment in Astor School distance education is equivalent to full-time education, that is, all documents of the state standard will be uniform.

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