Private kindergarten

Proper upbringing is the key to successful development. Our priorities are the health and safety of children, the development of interest in learning, development, sports and teamwork.

Middle group: 4-5 years

The development of a successful personality begins in childhood. That is what our progressive program is aimed at. Components of our concept: English from 3 years, alternation of games, mental, creative and physical activity, joint activities, daily walks and sleep, healthy food from selected products.

Senior group: 5-6 years

In the senior group, children continue to develop, engage in English, sports and creativity. They learn to believe in their own strength and success, to express and defend their own opinions. To this we add effective preparation for school according to the leading methods of early development.


The maximum number of children in the group is 18. Age: 3-4 and 5-6 years

Work schedule

The garden is open on weekdays full time: from 08:00 to 19:00


Recruitment into senior and middle groups continues.