Educational program

Astor School accepts children from the age of 4 in kindergarten, teaches from elementary school to graduation from high school, and prepares them for admission to the best universities of Ukraine.


Groups for children 4, 5 and 6 years old in preparation for primary school.


Education and comprehensive development from 1 to 9 grades of high school.

High School

After 8th or 9th grade - admission to high school.

Summer school camp

In summer: active recreation, educational activities, excursions and entertainment.

Online school

Modern distance education for children 7-16 years old with state certification.

Preparation for exams

With a guarantee of enrollment in partner universities.

Educational system

Children study according to the Ukrainian educational program combined with business literacy classes. The effectiveness and quality of training programs is proven by the successful results of graduates.


The school teaches all subjects provided by the state program and required for certification. Most attention is paid to selected subjects in which the child has talent and genuine interest.


The school and kindergarten are open full time: 08:00–19:00. After lessons – additional classes in favorite subjects, sports, creativity and homework.

Additional classes

After school, children participate in discussions, workshops, leadership and research clubs, work on projects, engage in favorite sports, music, creativity and recreation.